I have had chronic lower back pain for years. No matter what I did to make it feel better, nothing worked and the pain and stiffness was always there. After my 1st visit at ADIO Chiropractic, the pain was relieved. I didn’t realize how much of my body was affected by my back pain until it was gone. I am able to sleep through the night now, I feel more rested. I’m not so fatigued. The tense knots in my back are gone and I feel the best I have felt in years. Thank you.

– Stephanie P.

Our son has scoliosis. His situation was worsening when the doctors started talking surgery to put metal rods in his back. Someone suggested we try chiropractic. ADIO Chiropractic had just recently opened. We took our son to Matt and after x-rays and a consultation our son started seeing him twice a week. To show our support, my wife and I started being adjusted too. After a year, Matt reduced the severe curve of his spine by many degrees. At the same time, my back felt the best it ever had. Our son has moved and gotten married and Matt helped another chiropractor closer to where he lives. It has been more than 10 years since we started chiropractic. We have three granddaughters and our son still hasn’t needed that surgery.
I had a burst fracture of my L1 vertebrae and with Matt’s help and the help of his massage therapist, I am quickly getting back to normal. I’m a patient for life.

– Robert M.

ADIO Chiropractic, through Dr. Matthew Dickson, has strategically enhanced my quality of life.  When former injuries flared up, my pain level limited my physical functioning.  Dr. Dickson, using x-ray indicators, has focused on alignment procedures that have released the pain allowing me to maintain flexibility.  Now I can be active again with greater muscle strength and limber enough to enjoy all my outdoor activities!

– Judy G.

ADIO Chiropractic – a one-stop optimum, health enhancing treatment center. During my radiation treatments for breast cancer, it was important for me to find all the well-being options available. So I was delighted to learn that a modified spinal adjustment was available at ADIO Chiropractic, for patients under my circumstances. The modified adjustments have not only addressed my neck and shoulders, but also the customized spine treatment has kept my posture on track. In addition, the adjustments have been of great benefit to make it easier for me to do my cancer related exercises, enhancing my overall health. I am also getting a specialized massage at ADIO provided by their Massage Therapist, Wendy. She is lymphoma certified, providing a customized treatment for lymph-impacted patients like myself. One stop and I have benefitted from healthy options before, during and after my cancer journey. I’m very thankful to ADIO Chiropractic.

– Judy G

After only about half a dozen visits, I feel like I may have a future again. I didn’t even know how bad my condition really was, until I started feeling better. I was ready to apply for handicapped parking. And while I don’t feel ready for a long walk, I don’t drive around a parking lot waiting for a spot in front, anymore. And I take my cart to the cart stalls rather than abandoning it in the lot so I don’t have to walk that far. I can sit down, without feeling like I’m going to collapse to the chair as my hips give out before I’m down all the way. Others have started to notice that I walk straighter. When I look in the mirror, I see that my eyes are open wider. I didn’t realize how much my pain was affecting my physical appearance. I’m sleeping better. My mind is clearer. When I switch lanes while driving, I can twist to make sure no one is in my blind spot. I’m getting a little feeling back in my numb feet. My hands are going numb less often. It doesn’t hurt to breathe.

– Penny

I have been a patient of Dr. Dickson for the past 2 1/2 months. He has adjusted my back and spine about three times a week. I am now feeling enough relief to reduce the adjustments to twice a week. He has also helped the pain down my right leg from sciatica, a long term affliction of mine. Thanks!

– Bill H

I have scoliosis of the spine. It is an extreme and debilitating condition I’ve had since my teenage years, and it needs constant attention. I have never felt better and can finally stand up straight since I have been treated by Dr. Matthew Dickson. Dr. Dickson is very dedicated to improving people’s lives and relieving pain. He is committed 100% to making your body be as healthy as possible. I strongly recommend him to anyone who wants to be very healthy and improve their lives.

– Catherine L

I started coming to see Dr. Dickson August 2006 after a lengthy (6 months) hospital rehab/stay. Approximately three days following an uneventful laparoscopic gastric bypass. I took a fall at home which led to peritonitis and septicemia. During my hospital stay I was trached, fell into a coma for several weeks and was on dialysis for kidney failure. I was placed on a ventilator for a time as well. Upon being discharged, February 2006, from rehab I was sent home in a wheelchair with the tracheostomy; on oxygen and received PT/OT for left side weakness, paresthesia in left arm and hand as well as left leg down through my toes. Over the next several months I progressed from the wheelchair to a walker and eventually a cane. I began seeing Dr. Dickson and started core exercises on the ball and discs progressing to work on synergy bands. Upon his urging I started to learn to walk without the cane and paresthesia gradually worked its way down my arm and leg to where I now only experience them (numbness and tinglin in my fingers and toes). I worked on home exercises provided by Dr. Dickson to strengthen my core, hamstring and glutes. I also began getting massage therapy to work on tightness in my muscles. I also spent some time working with a trainer at a gym to be able to independently step up on a curb. Today, I still work on the weakness in my left side with Synergy, disc and ball exercises as well as regular adjustments. I am currently working on building up enough strength to step up stairs independently and to enable myself to get off the floor without assistance. At Dr. Dickson’s suggestion, I also started a walking routine to increase my stamina. I’ve been able to come a long way from where I was when I walked into his clinic with his expertise and support. I am getting stronger although I am not fully functioning at 100%. I have had my trach removed for several months and no longer use oxygen. Dr. Dickson and his massage therapist have worked hand in hand to work in conjunction to develop a program of recovery – most recently working on a knot on my hipbone. I also had great results with a knotted scar tissue about 18 inches long along a scar on my back caused by a binder used in ICU. I also have regained a lot of balance and coordination by use of an exercise ball, balance board and discs building abdominal strength although I have a ventral hernia with no muscle coverage where my surgical incision dehisced and had to be covered by a skin graft. I am by no means back to my pre-surgical strength level and may be setting a new baseline, but do feel the care I receive is helping me attain my physical goals toward independent functioning.

– Cindy C

I had pain in most areas of my back and neck. A spine that was not aligned properly was causing many problems from digestion to headaches. I found that Dr. Dickson is among the best if not the best in dealing with all my problems in a very caring and professional way. For the past 37 years I had chiropractic care in six different states by many doctors. Dr. Dickson stands out as the best in being very caring and looking for all your spinal problems and treating them in the best manner. My wife and I feel like different people and much more healthy and alive after two months of care. I wish to thank Dr. Matthew Dickson from the bottom of my heart for giving my wife and myself our health back.

– Frank L

Looking back two years ago. I was suffering from lots of neck and back pain on a daily basis, mostly from when I’m standing or walking. Currently, I still have some pain but it has been much more manageable due to less pain. I can tell that I am getting better by the way I feel, thus my quality of life has risen a bit.

– Kiyoshi M

I’ve had lower back lumbar problems for about 15 plus years. About 61/2 – 7 years ago, the doctors figured out I had three discs that had problems. Long story short I ended up doing the injections for about five years. They helped for awhile but never really got rid of the pain that seemed to always be in my left leg. Heard about Spine Med and gave it a try. Over the time I’ve noticed the ongoing pain in my left leg is gone. Lower back pain is manageable. I know I will always have back problems but its more manageable now. I’m able to move around better and stand long without any pain.

– Lisa A

I had been having lower back/hip pain for months. My MD recommended a chiropractor. I was amazed when my x-rays showed not only my hips out of line, but my neck, shoulders, etc. My tae-kwon-do and kickboxing were also painful. My time spent here has helped relieve the chronic pain and the deep tissue/neuromuscular massages have also helped my healing. I live a healthy lifestyle i.e. eating healthy, exercising and this another way of leading a healthy life. Thanks!

– Meg O

Since I have been receiving chiro adjustment weekly and massage therapy every other week, I have been significantly more pain free. For about 7 years I have experienced loss of range of movement in the neck, coupled with constant pain, sometimes debilitating. This past year my ROM has improved and the cycle of pain has been interrupted especially since adding bi-weekly massage in August. Everyday stress and my work responsibilities cause burning, tightness and pain in the neck, across the shoulders and sometimes into the arms. The regimen of weekly chiro and bi-weekly massage keep my neck muscles relaxed and spine aligned, increasing my quality of life and functionality in my personal and work life. If I miss either chiro or massage I feel the negative effect significantly.

– Nancy G

Starting in middle school my family saw a difference in the way I ran. Then some time in the 8th grade I began to have middle back problems. So my family, as one group, signed up for treatment here. The first thing I noticed after a few months was that the pain was almost completely gone. As I continued with the treatment I no longer ran awkwardly. So now I am 15 and feel much better.

– Nicholas E

I’ve lived in pain (neck & shoulders) my whole life due to a car accident. Chiropractic care by Dr. Dickson has made a difference in my day to day life for work and but more importantly for me to resume the things I love. I feel better, sleep better and feel hopeful.

– Sheila R

Hello. I have been coming to ADIO Chiropractic for about 6 months. Before we got started, Dr. Dickson did a thorough review of my x-rays which helped determine what treatment was needed. He explained the x-rays and helped me understand what areas we would be working on. This helped me have confidence in his ability to treat my back as well. Now that I am established patient, Dr. Dickson continues to ask if I am having any problem areas. He continues to check my neck and back during the adjustments so that one area is not treated while the other is missed. I really appreciate this kind of thorough attention. My mobility in my neck and back has improved as well as my energy for my daily activities. I recommend Dr. Dickson to anyone who wants to feel a lot better!

– Sherry B

My names is Tanginika B., and I have suffered from back pain for several year. After my first pregnancy, an epidural and the delivery of my baby, my back got worse than ever. I came to see Dr. Dickson on March of 2004 with severe back pain and other symptoms that I didn’t even know they were related to my back problems. After the first few adjustments, I started to feel relief, not only from my back pain, but also from my migraine headaches. Even my vision improved! Chiropractic has improved my overall health. I feel full of energy and life again, and my back is getting better with each adjustment. I definitely feel healthier now than when I first came in, and know that the best is yet to come, thanks to Dr. Dickson.

– Tanginika B